Where Do You PowerHike in London?


PowerHiking is choosing to walk with a big agenda. It takes sightseeing to a new level of energy and interest. It is walking with a purpose that excites not only your senses but also your spirit. In London, a city that exudes power, the power of royalty, the power of history, and the power of English culture and tradition, PowerHiking takes on a whole new meaning. From a PowerHike beginning with the pageantry of Buckingham Palace and the famous Changing of the Guard ceremony, to the majesty of Westminster Abbey, an awareness of tradition and power prevails. We see royal rituals unchanged for centuries; richly appointed palaces and government buildings; superbly maintained museums, parks and gardens. To PowerHike for a whole day through such history and ceremony both past and present, can be somewhat overwhelming. Take time to enjoy the beauty of London and the serenity of the parks. Sit and look over the lake in St. James Park. Enjoy the trees in Green Park. Spend a quiet moment with a cup of tea or take in the atmosphere of a pub. Every PowerHike in London is exciting, and the days are filled with gorgeous parks and gardens, awe-inspiring museums and the splendor of historical locations, such as the Tower of London. In London, the power in PowerHiking comes from the city itself.


While PowerHiking London, you may choose to spend more time in a particular destination, such as the outstanding museums in Knightsbridge, or any of the magnificent parks and gardens, or you may choose to wander the banks of the River Thames. The walks are meant as suggestions. If you feel that a half-day PowerHike is satisfying enough or if you want to spend more time in a particular historical location, then modify according to your own interests. Whatever you choose, you will find the experience of walking through the diverse districts of London richly rewarding. There is so much history to see and extraordinary sights and adventures to experience, the walks are unforgettable.


The best part of PowerHiking is how good it feels to be walking and moving at your own pace, stopping when you want to stop and look, eat, shop, or take photos. You are in charge of your London experience and you will delight in your exhilaration and sense of accomplishment. Put on your PowerHiking shoes, layered clothing, bring a small umbrella for unpredictable weather, take a bottle of water, a camera, this book, and head out for your first PowerHike in London.